Monday, April 06, 2015


I began blogging over a decade ago in my mid-thirties after a breakup left me questioning the intimate details of relationships and the absurdity dating. It served as an emotional outlet for me for a long time, but lately it feels like my philosophy of life has moved on from this blog. Over the last five years or so, a shinier outlook has been taking over, and the darker side of me -- represented in much of what had been written here over the years -- has lifted.

I wish any and all of my readers well as you move on in your lives. Should I take up a new home as a creative outlet in the future, and should we still resonate on the same subjects, I hope to rendezvous with you there. And if that doesn't happen, I wish you well on your journeys. Happy trails, friends!

Now... adieu and sweet dreams!
The She-Creature Sleeps
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